Hair Stories

fused glass barrette contours
Hair Stories are designs made in small numbers each year.  They are usually complicated and very time consuming to make.  This is also the birthplace of experimental designs that sometimes become very popular.  It’s an ever changing category and best seen in person at a show.
Contours:  Made with folded iridized glass.
Flower Garden:  Each flower, leaf, and vine is made separately.  These pieces are arranged on the base glass, then fused.  They have a Victorian look and high relief.
Warp 9: Different kinds of glass are combined in a process that warps and bends the colors as they flow together.
Aurora: (not pictured) These are made with midnight blue, crystaline, adventurine glass with highlighted colors to look like the Northern or Southern lights.  They are best seen in sunlight.
fused glass barrette flower gardenFlower Garden
fused glass barrette contourContours
fused glass barrette warp 9
Warp 9
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