What makes Kisatchie Studio barrettes so special?

Kisatchie Studio barrettes are unique pieces of functional art for all occasions.  Most are one of a kind and all are hand crafted with care.  Women with all kinds of hair enjoy our  barrettes.  They work for men too.

We use 70 & 80 mm genuine French clips because of their high quality, fine workmanship, and durability.  We also like the distinctive snap they make when closing.   The glued surface of each barrette is either sandblasted or ground for greater adhesion between the glass and clip.

french barrette clipFrench clips

ground barrette back prior to glueingGround surface for adhesive
fused glass barrette back glued  Glued barrette back

Typical glass barrettes are heavy, and no one likes a heavy barrette.  Our barrettes are crafted to be comparable in weight to typical metal, wooden, or polymer clay barrettes you may already own.  Comfort is a high priority for all of us.  Kisatchie Studio barrettes are easy on the hair and can be worn all day.

Our barrettes are easy to care for.  They're glass and only need mild cleaning.  Want to learn the ins & outs of barrettes?  Not sure about sizes? Our Barretteology page is the place to go.

fused glass hair barrette scrapsScraps - $16.00

fused glass barrette fossil vitra partridge berry leavesPaleo-Glassic - $22.00

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