fused glass sandblasted antiquities barrettes

Antiquities have the look and feel of a relic from long ago. Old world designs are sandblasted into modern metallic coated black glass. The color ranges from deep gold with red tints to dull silver. All have a soft lustrous finish. The textured surface catches light, giving this style a unique appearance.
Each piece is hand cut so no two are quite alike. Wave, Spiral, and Mandala designs can be worn with either side up for a different look. The metallic finish on Antiquities can darken over time. A small amount of ammonia-free glass cleaner will bring back the original color.
Most designs are available in both 70mm and 80 mm sizes.
fused glass barrette antiquities double fern leafDouble Fern
fused glass barrette antiquities waves
fused glass barrette antiquities mandalaMandala
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