fused glass suncatcher gato cat

Kisatchie Studio suncatchers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and bright colors. Many have wire work and crystals.  All are designed to brighten the day and bring a smile to everyone.
Our goofy sheep all have different expressions and are made in all colors, even wavy rainbow.  Kisatchie Cats purr all day, Crystal Cats are from uptown with iridescent ears, eyes, and a sun loving crystal hanging from the collar.
Love comes in all flavors & colors. We have hearts to match. Some of our hearts glow in the dark because love always shines. Other designs come with or without crystals, all have wire hangers.
New for 2020 are Honeycomb suncatchers with handmade bees.  Some have crystals, all have wire hangers.
El Gato (pictured) is a complex cat with wire work and a large crystal to match his cattitude.
All wire work is made with solid brass, bronze, or copper.  Crystals are high quality and make beautiful rainbows around the room.


handmade fused glass sheep rainbow suncatcher
Rainbow Sheep - $15.00
fused glass gray sheep suncatcher
Colored Sheep - $15.00
glass suncatcher rainbow color rod with crystal and brass wire
Rainbow Color Rod with Crystal - $20.00
glass suncather green color rod with crystal and brass wire
Color Rod with Crystal - $20.00
handmade fused glass kisatchie cat streakysuncatcher
Kisatchie Cat - $15.00
handmade fused glass suncatcher blue gato cat with wire work and crystal
glass suncatcher green eye amber cat with crystal
Crystal Cats
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