Paleo-Glassic Plates

fused glass plate paleo-glassi fossil vitra mulberryThese plates begin with a walk in the woods or along the edge of a meadow.  Real plants are at the heart of this work.  From plant collection to final cleaning, care is taken at each step in the long process to make these unique plates.
Our plates have a textured surface with an organic feel.  The veins in the leaves are often tactile, with a realistic, fossilized look.  These plates are another example of our functional art, being both food and dishwasher safe (hand washing is best). 
Sizes range from 4 x 4 to 10 x 10 inches.  Each is one of a kind, signed, numbered, and dated with the year it is made.  In addition, the name of the plant used is on the back of the plate.  Paleo-Glassic plates also make nice wall art if you can’t bear to fill them with chocolate or break out your favorite cheese and crackers.

fused glass plate paleo-glassi fossil vitra cinquefoil

fused glass fossil paleo glassic vitra mulberry leaves clear plate

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