Sheep Suncatcher

fused glass streaker sheep suncatcherSheep Suncatchers are a fun addition to any room. They are made in different styles, lots of colors, and fun expressions. Wavy rainbow sheep are a splash of color  for your window. Streaker sheep are made with clear and white streaky glass with colorful nuggets in different designs. Our ombre design sheep are made with fun colors and matching nuggets.
No matter the style, all sheep are made individually and each one is unique.  The sheep in the photo is the one you get. We have more sheep in stock. Looking for a color you don't see here?  Send an email and tell us what you're looking for.
Sheep are about 3.5 inches wide by 4 inches high.  An 18 gauge solid brass wire hanger is fused into the glass.  Each comes with a suction cup. 
All sheep styles are $15.00.
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